Pranet Initiative

Building a Digitalized Africa

A sustainable space for Information, Empowerment, Education and Connection made possible by Technology Innovation.

Education & Mentorship

We give counselling and provide networking opportunities through our leadership and mentorship programs.


We promote entrepreneurship in Africa through the utilization of technology as a tool for empowerment.

Information Technology

We effect positive socio-economic change by bridging the wide Digital Divide in Africa by using Information Technology.

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About Our Organization

We make a difference by providing programs that help entrepreneurship in Africa through technology.

Who We Are ?

Pranet Initiative is a Non-Profit Technology Company established by Pranet Technologies Ltd in 2019 with a mission to build a digitized African Society.

Our Mission

We have a mission to bring people close to the use of information and communication technologies for effective positive social-economic development and empowerment through providing support, mentorship, infrastructure; promoting entrepreneurship in Africa.

Promoting Entrepreneurship
Building Infrastructure for socio-economic development
Promoting social change through Information Technology.


Pranet Initiative is a vine seed for Information, Empowerment, Education and Connection with technology innovation for a more sustainable space.

Confident Women in Technology - (CWIT)

Pranet Technologies partnered with Pranet Initiative through the CWIT project, which is aimed at raising the next generation of women in Information Technology through counselling, mentorship, networking and leadership.

Parent Teach Tech - (#parentteachtech)

Parent Teach Tech is a Pranet Initiative program which aims to educate parents on how to inspire their kids to be a part of the amazing possibilities in the Tech space. Parent Teach Tech is all aimed at preparing kids for the future.

The Tech She Can® Charter #techshecan

Pranet Initiative is a partner with PWC UK under The Tech She Can® Charter program, which is a commitment by organisations to work together to increase the number of women working in technology roles around the world.

Top Partners

Pranet Initiative would not be able to make a difference in the lives of people without the help of our partners.

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